Saft batteries are designed to provide standby power...

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All vetter products equip you for emergencies. They all have...

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LUKAS rescue equipment speeds up rescues through ease...

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Rescue Operation

Discover the liberty with eDRAULIC!
The advanceed electrohydraulics enables you to work at a multiple quiker and safer in future.

With LUKAS eDRAULICS any power socket becomes an energy source that gives you unlimited operation.The optional battery operation lets you cope with off-road rescue mission: just cable out, battery in - and off you go!

• working without units and hoses
• weight reduction by almost 50% in comparison to a   conventional complete set.
• High perfomance reservee for future-generation   vehicles
• More space on the truck
• Completely independent in battery mode
• Powerful lithium-ion battery



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