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Hazardous leak sealing bags

- Sealing made easy!

Leak sealing bags from Vetter have been field-proven throughout the world for sealing leaks on thanks, containers, pipes and tanker trucks, because they can quickly and reliably contain leaks. However, we have gone one step further in improving the bags as well as simplifying the handling of them.

Three well thought out versions

You can obtain leak sealing bags in three possible versions: with guiding braces, belt duct slots or lugs. Each has its advantages depending on the possible operational scenario.

What are the advantages of guiding braces?
• Instantly operational
• The guiding slots are integrated into the protective   covering
• Belts can simply be inserted
• The braces are moveable

What are the advantages of belt duct slots?
• The slots are integrated into the bag
• No sparks are generated because the belts are in the slot
• The bag is solidly attached to the leak using ratchet   belt
• The flat design is practical in narrow spaces

What are the advantages of lugs?
• Instantly operational
• Extreamly mveable and flexible
• Due to the movement of the lugs it is possible to tension the belts at all angles
•Overlaping in narrow intermediate spaces

The acid protection cover is always there
When in operation, the sealing bags can remain in the transport and acid protection bags so that they can be used even quiker. Due to the fact that the bags require little air, they can be quickly inflated with foot pump contained in the set. Your operation is therefore independent of other air sources.





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