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Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) - Tel.X

- Rechargeable battery

Saft Tel.X Ni-Cd batteries are designed to ensure maximum reliability, extended performance and optimum TCO (total cost of ownership) for the new generation of decentralised telecom networks.

Main applications

  • remote terminals (for FTTX installations)
  • access networks
  • BTS (base transceiver stations) for wireless networks
  • cable networks
  • central offices


Tel.X is a high-energy, long-life, maintenance-free alternative to VRLA batteries that is ideally suited for demanding telecom network applications:

• maintenance free, no topping-up required
• high energy volume
• easy installation
• minimal maintenance needs
• extremely reliable and long service life
• compatible with existing telecom equipment
• 72 Ah to 172 Ah
• Example of battery name: TLX 150

Modular format
Tel.X is designed in a compact, modular format and averages 30 % less weight than a VRLA battery. It fits most existing compartments without modifications, enabling a fast, simple and direct replacement for VRLA with regard to space and charging requirements.



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