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Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) - - STL+

- Rechargeable battery

Saft Ni-Cd batteries are designed to meet the demanding requirements of remote or outside telecom plant.

Main applications

  • remote terminals (for FTTX installations)
  • access networks
  • BTS (base transceiver stations) for wireless networks
  • cable networks
  • central offices


  • extremely reliable back-up, by design
  • excellent safety and resistance to abuse
  • long service life enables substantial reductions in Capex (capital expenditure)
  • wide range of operating temperatures: - 0°C to +40°C, can handle extreme temperatures from -50°C to +70°C

Capacity range

38 Ah to 460 Ah
Example of battery name: STL+ 460


Modular and simple configuration: a typical 48 V telecom application requires 38 to 39 cells connected in series. Central watering system (CWS) is provided as an option



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