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oil and water aspirator

  • For vacuuming up and pumping out liquids
  • Also suitable for dry suction mode
  • Very good resistance to chemicals
  • Automatic shutoff built in

Tough mini vacuum with staying power

This vacuum is made for your mission: Specially developed for fire brigades, it satisfies all the demands placed on it in the field. Better still, it thinks along with you so you can concentrate on what matters while working with a tool that you can rely on to understand you.

Whether it's burst pipes, bad weather or an accident, with this mini permanent vacuum you are ready for flooding of any kind and can react immediately. Powerful and rugged, it makes a dependable partner for any scenario.

  • Chemical-resistant

    • MPA 2.0 MWF container is made of rugged, fibreglass-reinforced plastic
    • Certified quality: resists even the most aggressive chemicals

    Compact, space-saving design

    • Thoughtfully designed: saves valuable working area - during transport and in service
    • Low weight for easy loading

    Fire brigade-compliant

    • Integrated Storz coupling for fast hose connection
    • Pumps out liquids up to 11 m (36 ft.)

    Easy handling

    • Pump can be switched on separately
    • Integrated automatic shutoff at maximum fill level
    • 6-metre (19 ft.) hose for ample working radius
    Special trolley for ergonomic operation


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