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LUKAS Rerailing Systems - the light alloy compact system for all rail vehicles



LUKAS Rerailing Equipment was originally developed in close cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbahn (the German Federal Railways, now called Deutsche Bahn AG) and underwent further development with significant enhancements during over 40 years of inter-company cooperation with renowned railway companies.

LUKAS Rerailing Systems are used to rerail all models of derailed rail vehicles safely, reliably and with millimetre precision.

The newly developed double-acting DUO Traversing System allows vehicles to be moved in both directions from the control desk without ancillary equipment.
In addition to classic rerailing, the equipment of the LUKAS Rerailing System can also be used to upright overturned vehicles or to pull apart wedged-together vehicles.
The particular advantage that gives mobility to the LUKAS system lies in the low weight of its individual components in addition to fast readiness for use.

LUKAS rerailing equipments are constantly modernised to match all vehicle models. The variety of the components allows equipment to be confi gured optimally to match all vehicle types. Original LUKAS Rescue Tools are available to rescue casualties after an accident.

Technical advantages at a glance
• Fast working speed due to hydraulic jack extension and retraction
• Lifting and lowering with millimetre precision due to advanced valve technology
• Automatic safety quick stop prevents loads dropping suddenly
• Can be used very fast due to the low component weight
• Fast and secure component connection due to non-interchangeable couplings
• Operation from a safe distance
• Reliable function even in extreme temperatures
• Jack protection provided by integral automatically triggering overload valves
• Jack stability provided by base plates (accessory)
• Optimised jack installation/extension heights

Method of operation LUKAS Rerailing Systems operate hydraulically.
Even heaviest rail vehicles can be lifted and traversed with the hydraulic jacks.
A motor pump generates the required oil pressure, and high precision valves control the extension and retraction movements of the hydraulic jacks.

The basic components of a rerailing system are therefore:
• Motor pump to generate pressure
• Control desk as a control console for the jacks
• Telescopic jack for lifting
• Long lifting jack and accessories for uprighting overturned rail vehicles
• DUO traversing unit
• Connection hoses
• Mechanical accessories such as a rerailing bridge, roller carriage and distance bars


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