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Rail and mass transit


Rechargeable battery systems perform a number of crucial onboard and trackside roles in the rail and mass transit industries.

These include

  • onboard back-up for critical systems such as lighting, air conditioning, heating and ventilation, communications, computer control systems and door control
  • engine starting
  • traction power
  • back-up power for stationary signalling and infrastructure services
  • power for asset tracking devices

50 years of safety and reliability built in
Reliability is essential for vital passenger safety and control functions. The stringent international standards applied in the rail industry call for specially-designed batteries to withstand demanding environmental conditions such as wide variations in temperature (-20°C to +45°C), heavy vibration and general physical and electrical abuse.

Saft has well over 50 years’ experience in the global rail and mass transit industries, and has developed a range of standard battery systems, based on a variety of nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) technologies, that meet all electrical, mechanical and energy requirements including:

  • optimized weight and volume
  • low maintenance
  • low life cycle cost (LCC, TCO)
  • compliance with international standards.

  • In response to the evolving nature of this market Saft is developing innovative Ni-MH (nickel-metal hydride) batteries for traction applications such as hybrid tramways.



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