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Pneumatic Tents

- universal tents

A tent for every application

Universal tents from vetter were solely developed for fire services. They are designed so that transport, assembly and disassembly not only save time but also personel. This means self-erecting support frame, low weight, compact size and handling.

Standard size of 12m2 to 40m2 can be obtained on request. The tens PZ 30 and PZ 40 are quipped with two air chambers.

Details of basic equipment

›  Tent frame including tension rope
›  Detachable fly sheet with separate, rollable inpute covers
›  Securing lugs in the inside (e.g. for lighting)
›  1 door on each front side
›  A sufficient number of windows
›  Removeable tent floor

Each tent is suplied with a bag including accessories (hammer, pegs and repair materials). The complete equipment is delivered in a practical package (potable).






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