Saft batteries are designed to provide standby power...

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All vetter products equip you for emergencies. They all have...

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LUKAS rescue equipment speeds up rescues through ease...

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- on the spot when there is no other way
For rescuing staff, safety cushion is very often used as a last resort. This means that it is absolutely imperative that everything operates reliably. For example, when the ladder vehicle is unable to reach the accident area. In order to give support in such cases vetter combine the field-proven technology of safety cushions with psychologycal knowledge.

NEW: is now available in three optical versions

In addition to both the established versions, "Blue Circle" and "Black cross", you can now also obtain the SP 16 neon yellow side walls - for distinctly optimized visibility, e.g. during the periond when light is fading. The "Blue Circle" version wes developed together with the experience of a psychologist Profrofessor. It has

been proved that it helps to reduce paralyzing fear which a person may have when jumping.

Different hand wheels on 61/ 300 bar compressed air bottles require different protection caps in order that the valve does not unintentionally open due to vibration or during transport. It is for this reason that a univasal valve protection cap was developed.





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