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lifting bags

indispensible worldwide for 40 years.
    Lifting bags are the clasical products in the field of pneumatic rescue products. The reason for this is obvious: with its shaped and even power they adapt to the lifting and supporting of every uneven object.They can be used for quick and safe rescue of trapped persons.

Clever ideas for more safety
Our lifing bags are full of well thouht out technology so that your operation runs safely and determinably. In order to stabilize the sides ang to avoid "bulges"

strong internal bands take care of the required stability. The well conceived anti-slip grooves on the highly resistive upper and lower sides produce excellent gripping on soft and slippery ground.

Clever ideas for more safety
The lifting bags optimally adapt to the load to be lifted, treat thin-walled bodies with care and therefore enable the required balance between safe and possible quick rescue.

In operation...
• Stabilization of heavy loads
• Careful lifting of vehicles
• Transport accidents
• Rescue of trapped person
• Lifting of soft ground
• Alignment of large vehicles

Good reasons:
• Low preasure point loading (max. 1.000 g/cm2)
• High flexibility - they hold the lod arround the edges -   lifting and pushing is therefore simultaneous
• Lightly repairable in case of damage
• Side walls made of high quality aramid

• Operating preasure of 0.1 to 1 bar using a variable   controller
• Patented calvanized valve connections enable reliable   air intake even with rugged operation
• Type label with reflecting surrounding edges for better visibility.




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