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Mini Lifting Bags

- the right bag for each situation.
    The features of the 8 bar mini lifting bag is its noisless and jerk-free operation compared to other rescue equipments. With it you are able to continually lift, push, preasurize, mortise or split heavy loads, even in a sloped position!

'"The flexible performance wonder" has an optimum surface profile that is able to produce sufficient grip on slippery ground such as on sand, grass or similar ground. Vetter offers you a wide range of bags which will enable you master every situation.Steelcord or aramid?

Mini lifting bags are manufactured in two different versions, steelcord or aramid version is 30% lighter and corrosion-free. The steelcord version is the most favourable alternative. Both reinforcements are multi-layered covering each side of the bags.




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